3 Reasons Why You Can’t Hate Your Past

Yes that’s me. This was a few days after my 2nd hip had been replaced and it was one of the worst seasons of my life.

After suffering from terrible pain for 3 years, I had both my hips replaced in my 30s. My physical therapy was to walk 1000ft to my mailbox every day. The goal was to get there without crying or crumbling into a puddle of sadness. Every step felt like fresh hell and tears flowed. I pulled myself together — if that’s what we wanna call it — long enough to take this picture.

I don’t like this photo. I don’t like the little ipod, the outfit or any of it. However, everything in this photo helped to get me where I am today. You would not be reading these words, if I didn’t have this experience or wear that dress. I felt stuck with a life that would never bring me joy. But I’ve learned that pain can be fuel, I decided to have even the slightest hope combined with imperfect action to keep healing. Of course, instead of physical therapy I wish this was picture of me on Lake Como in a banging black bikini with big hat celebrating my birthday on a yacht. Obviously, it is not because this was taken in Phoenix. However, I’ve learned that hating where you’ve been in your personal growth journey is an act of betrayal. I want you to stop betraying yourself. Where you were, gave you fuel for today. You are literally using that fuel to move through life now and you don’t need to be ashamed. I’ll share 3 of the key things I did to help me stop hating my past.

Without the picture above I would not have this picture below.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Hating Your Past.

I hope these 3 tips will help you to get a better perspective so that you can get unstuck.

I’m still making mistakes and still learning from them and I hope you will too. Check out my Team Meeting Podcast where we talk about failure and how it fuels us.



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